Hurricane Irene’s outer bands hit us yesterday.  We started the morning by visiting the beach here in South Carolina to watch the hurricane go by.  The rest of the day was spent inside, bouncing off the walls, and driving each other crazy.  Good times.

This morning we decided a trip to the beach was in order.  It was still windy, but the sun was out.  So off we went.  Once we got there we realized that the morning after a big storm is the time to go to the beach.  So many cool shells and creatures had washed up on shore.

Even little creatures inside of cool shells.

Such bright colors!

Then Sarah found the first of many sea urchins.

The urchin that started a movement.

We noticed that it was still alive, so we decided to throw it back into the ocean.  What could it hurt?  And that was how Sea Urchin Rescue Society, or S.U.R.S., was started.

Agent E

Here Agent E is showing you the S.U.R.S. approved method for returning the sea urchins to the ocean.

Agent B isn’t so sure about this.  It tickles when it moves.

Agent B

Here, Agent B is completing his first solo rescue.  Agent E is standing close by for moral support.

I’d say close to 25 sea urchins were tossed back into the ocean today by the S.U.R.S. team.  It was a fun way to spend 2 hours at the beach. And a great way to wear out the kids, heehee.


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A Black and White Day

I’ve been craving the simplicity of black and white photographs lately.  Just something about them has been calling my name.  So I set my camera to the monochromatic setting and went exploring around the yard.

When looking at the flower you almost don’t see the tiny little ants.  In black and white you can see them and I’m also just noticing the amazing texture on the leaves.

Palm fronds have wonderful architecture.

I’m a sucker for ferns in any setting really, but for some reason I love them growing out of this cinderblock.

And there was this little guy, well most of him.  He stayed when all his buddies ran from the crazy lady with a camera.  I just couldn’t squeeze the camera any closer to the fence to get all of him.

My daughter has mastered catching the little lizards this summer.  I don’t think she has caught one this big yet, but I’m sure she has caught a few of his little buddies.

I love how black and white just seems to calm my world.  It feels safe and structured, letting hidden beauty shine through.  I don’t choose to shoot in monochromatic very often, but when it calls I have to listen.


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Miami Beach

I realized that I have been very slow in sharing my pictures of Miami Beach with you.  Not just any pictures, night time pictures that show the hotels in all of their neon glory.  I think it was my favorite part of Miami Beach.  You have to walk across the street, away from all the action to see it.

I loved all of the colors.

All of the amazing art deco architecture highlighted with the glow of the neon lights.

The history that all of these hotels share.

And the old cars that some of the hotels had parked out front.

It’s a beautiful, vibrant part of the city with a lot to see and do.  Music pumping through the air.  And so much fun to people watch.  There are a few moments that I’m regretting not capturing (but some other people did).  I still need to work on not being shy when taking pictures in public.


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My 150th Post

Woo Hoo! It’s my 150th post.  And to celebrate I would like to announce, that with your help, I made it into the top 25 mom bloggers on Circle of Moms!!

Thank you so much!  You guys rock!

I was sent some interview questions that will be posted on their site and thought I would share them here too.


When did photography become an important part of your life?

  • I grew up surrounded by photography.  My dad is a photographer.  My mom is a photographer.  My great grandfather was a photographer. Having a camera was part of everyday life.  I’ve always had a camera, but it wasn’t until a few years ago that I really felt the need to capture life with my camera.  That was when I noticed that my pictures weren’t just snapshots anymore. They were little moments in time that brought back instant memories.

What makes a great family photo?

  • I think a great family photo needs to capture the personality of the family.  It should let the uniqueness of your family shine through.  Your family is like no other family in the world, so why not show it off in your family photo.

What’s your best tip for taking photos of kids?

  • Don’t try controlling the situation too much.  Just go with it.  And don’t be afraid to get down on their level and take lots of pictures.

What are your 3 favorite posts?

Thank you all so much for helping me be one of the top 25!


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When presented with a world of opportunities, endless possibilities, and exciting new adventures, why do I end up feeling confined, stuck, and claustrophobic?

Change scares me.  It always has.  I can remember in school not wanting to miss a day of school.  What if they changed everything and I showed up the next day not knowing what had changed?  It would be certain disaster.  At the very least, I’m sure the world would stop spinning.

Things are changing in my life.  I’m certain they are all changes for the good.  New opportunities, new adventures.  But I’m feeling trapped and scared.   I want nothing more than to hide in a cave somewhere and pretend that I don’t have to be an adult.

Even though I want to hide, I will keep going and embrace these changes.  I just have to remember all the great times I had and all the things I hoped to be. Changes are what made those great times happen.  And with out change and new opportunities I won’t accomplish all the things that I hope to be.  Changes are what make life, well, life.

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Melbourne Beach Triathlon/Duathlon

This past Sunday was the Melbourne Beach Triathlon and Duathlon.  I originally signed up to do the triathlon, but after my first experience with open water swimming*, I decided I was in no way ready for open water ocean swimming.  So, I switched to the duathlon.

At packet pick up the day before we found out that the running had all been switched from hard surfaces to the soft sand of the beach.  This completely threw me off, I’ve only trained on hard surfaces and hard sand.  Soft sand is a completely different animal.  I knew all I had to do was finish.  No DNF’s.

Sunday morning was beautiful.  The ocean was nice and calm (Jamie was thankful for that since he was going to be swimming in it).  We stood and watched the sun rise, fish jump,  and the possible shark (thankfully Jamie didn’t see it).  The first part of the running was tough.  My shoes got soaked, I was trying to run down by the water in search for harder sand with no luck.  I just kept telling myself that I just had to make it to the bike and everything would be ok. And it was. The bike is the easy part for me, especially with our new bikes.

I managed to catch up with Jamie during the bike leg and we worked together to finish it up.  The 3 miles on the beach were hot and hard, but we did it.  I’m not overly proud of my times, but I’m proud that we got it done.

On the plus side we both came in second in our categories.  I would have come in first in mine if I had just been 3 minutes faster, lol.  The lady that won it though was so funny.  She was so giddy and excited. I’m glad she won.

We have big plans.  The 2 triathlons that we have already done are both sprints (roughly 400 m swim/ 12 mile bike/ and 3 mile run).  We are planning on doing one more in a few weeks and then move on to bigger things.  We are training for an international length (1.5 k swim/ 24.8 mile bike/ and 6.2 mile run) that we hope to do in October.  But that is just part of our big training goal… a half Ironman, 70.3 (1.2 mile swim/ 56 mile bike/ and 13.1 run) next spring.  I can’t wait.


*During the first triathlon, the swim was in a lake that is known to have alligators in it.  On top of not being as strong in my swim as I could have been, I also was letting my imagination run away with me.  After a few panic attacks I decided that the ocean swim would not be wise., lol.




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A few pictures

We spent one night in Naples, FL a few weeks ago.  My husband had to go there got work, so most of the time was spent driving or sitting on the beach.  Oh, we did go out to eat.  You have already seen one of my pictures of Naples.

Most of my pictures were of the sunset that night.

It was really pretty.

At least 3 other people agreed with me.

Stay tuned for pictures from our drive through the Everglades!



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