I’m Morgen, a floral designer, artist, photographer, wife, and mother.  There has always been the unexplainable drive inside of me to create.  My mind and soul is not happy unless I let the art out.

After earning my BS in Biology I became a floral event designer in Washington, DC.  It was an amazing job.  There were days when I felt like I worked in a box of crayons, some of the most amazing colors, smells and textures. When my first son was born I decided that it was time to move on.  I started designing flowers as a freelancer and for a few weekly accounts.

I am constantly learning. Always trying to become better at what I do, whether it is art, photography or raising my kids. Art is my outlet.  Photography is the way I see the world.


2 responses to “About

  1. Nice to meet you! Read about you through Selena’s Apron Thrift Girl. Your life is inspiring. I am a high school teacher who loves crafting and repurposing.

    Amy in Sebastopol

  2. PS
    Where are my manners? Your photography is lovely. The ones of the abandoned house speak volumes.

    What is the name of your Etsy Shop?

    Where are you located? I am very near the redwoods, also a published poet, and a traveler. (My family and I just returned from one year in Ghana)

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