It’s Been a While

I’m still here.  Life has taken over, as usual, and something has to give.  The blog is the logical choice right now.  We are still unsettled, waiting to get house matters figured out.  Short sales stink when you are an impatient person.

I was taking pictures today of a few things (I help my mom out by taking pictures and listing items on Etsy for her).  Ben was playing quietly with his toys and rocks.  He has quite the love of rocks.

When I was finished I cleaned up my “studio” and told Ben that I was going back inside.  He stopped me and told me to take a picture.

But, he wasn’t ready.  He needed to add a few more touches.

He kept telling me not to take pictures yet.  I told him I was just making sure the camera was working correctly.

Almost there.  Just one more thing.

There, all set!

He tells me all the time to take pictures of things that he puts together.  And I always do.  He gets a kick out of it and I do too.


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One response to “It’s Been a While

  1. Amy

    I love his little hand! I’ve missed you and I was so excited to see your post tonight! I hope everything is going well, or gets better soon! Hang in there–peace and blessings–Amy

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