A Black and White Day

I’ve been craving the simplicity of black and white photographs lately.  Just something about them has been calling my name.  So I set my camera to the monochromatic setting and went exploring around the yard.

When looking at the flower you almost don’t see the tiny little ants.  In black and white you can see them and I’m also just noticing the amazing texture on the leaves.

Palm fronds have wonderful architecture.

I’m a sucker for ferns in any setting really, but for some reason I love them growing out of this cinderblock.

And there was this little guy, well most of him.  He stayed when all his buddies ran from the crazy lady with a camera.  I just couldn’t squeeze the camera any closer to the fence to get all of him.

My daughter has mastered catching the little lizards this summer.  I don’t think she has caught one this big yet, but I’m sure she has caught a few of his little buddies.

I love how black and white just seems to calm my world.  It feels safe and structured, letting hidden beauty shine through.  I don’t choose to shoot in monochromatic very often, but when it calls I have to listen.



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2 responses to “A Black and White Day

  1. Amy

    Morgen, you have such beautiful talent and insight…. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  2. Your images are beautiful! Great photos!

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