Miami Beach

I realized that I have been very slow in sharing my pictures of Miami Beach with you.  Not just any pictures, night time pictures that show the hotels in all of their neon glory.  I think it was my favorite part of Miami Beach.  You have to walk across the street, away from all the action to see it.

I loved all of the colors.

All of the amazing art deco architecture highlighted with the glow of the neon lights.

The history that all of these hotels share.

And the old cars that some of the hotels had parked out front.

It’s a beautiful, vibrant part of the city with a lot to see and do.  Music pumping through the air.  And so much fun to people watch.  There are a few moments that I’m regretting not capturing (but some other people did).  I still need to work on not being shy when taking pictures in public.



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3 responses to “Miami Beach

  1. I love architectural, neon, and low-light photos.
    You’ve combined all three.
    These are terrific!

  2. Great night life shots! Wish I could stay awake long enough:)

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