When presented with a world of opportunities, endless possibilities, and exciting new adventures, why do I end up feeling confined, stuck, and claustrophobic?

Change scares me.  It always has.  I can remember in school not wanting to miss a day of school.  What if they changed everything and I showed up the next day not knowing what had changed?  It would be certain disaster.  At the very least, I’m sure the world would stop spinning.

Things are changing in my life.  I’m certain they are all changes for the good.  New opportunities, new adventures.  But I’m feeling trapped and scared.   I want nothing more than to hide in a cave somewhere and pretend that I don’t have to be an adult.

Even though I want to hide, I will keep going and embrace these changes.  I just have to remember all the great times I had and all the things I hoped to be. Changes are what made those great times happen.  And with out change and new opportunities I won’t accomplish all the things that I hope to be.  Changes are what make life, well, life.


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