Melbourne Beach Triathlon/Duathlon

This past Sunday was the Melbourne Beach Triathlon and Duathlon.  I originally signed up to do the triathlon, but after my first experience with open water swimming*, I decided I was in no way ready for open water ocean swimming.  So, I switched to the duathlon.

At packet pick up the day before we found out that the running had all been switched from hard surfaces to the soft sand of the beach.  This completely threw me off, I’ve only trained on hard surfaces and hard sand.  Soft sand is a completely different animal.  I knew all I had to do was finish.  No DNF’s.

Sunday morning was beautiful.  The ocean was nice and calm (Jamie was thankful for that since he was going to be swimming in it).  We stood and watched the sun rise, fish jump,  and the possible shark (thankfully Jamie didn’t see it).  The first part of the running was tough.  My shoes got soaked, I was trying to run down by the water in search for harder sand with no luck.  I just kept telling myself that I just had to make it to the bike and everything would be ok. And it was. The bike is the easy part for me, especially with our new bikes.

I managed to catch up with Jamie during the bike leg and we worked together to finish it up.  The 3 miles on the beach were hot and hard, but we did it.  I’m not overly proud of my times, but I’m proud that we got it done.

On the plus side we both came in second in our categories.  I would have come in first in mine if I had just been 3 minutes faster, lol.  The lady that won it though was so funny.  She was so giddy and excited. I’m glad she won.

We have big plans.  The 2 triathlons that we have already done are both sprints (roughly 400 m swim/ 12 mile bike/ and 3 mile run).  We are planning on doing one more in a few weeks and then move on to bigger things.  We are training for an international length (1.5 k swim/ 24.8 mile bike/ and 6.2 mile run) that we hope to do in October.  But that is just part of our big training goal… a half Ironman, 70.3 (1.2 mile swim/ 56 mile bike/ and 13.1 run) next spring.  I can’t wait.


*During the first triathlon, the swim was in a lake that is known to have alligators in it.  On top of not being as strong in my swim as I could have been, I also was letting my imagination run away with me.  After a few panic attacks I decided that the ocean swim would not be wise., lol.





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