My Slice of Life

Many months ago I found a few websites that saddened me as a novice photographer.  They were websites that made fun of “stay at home moms that had brand new dSLRs and suddenly became expert photographers”.

Were they talking about me?  I know they weren’t, but it just hurt.  The things that people were saying were just mean.  I’m just amazed at how critical people can be of others.  I had very successfully, until this moment, surrounded myself with a world of kindpositive influences and I had no idea these views existed.

Unfortunately, I let this impact me too much.  I really started questioning why people would want to see my pictures of this and that.  Why is my view of the world important, special, different?  I put my cameras away and only took them out now and then.

Almost 2 weeks ago the Universe intervened.  I won a spot for myself and a friend in Darrah Parker’s Slice of Life Project.  I was so excited, but very hesitant.  However after 2 weeks,  I’m realizing this might be exactly what I needed.  Gentle reminders that my life, point of view, what I find important  is special because it’s mine.  No one else in the world sees what I see the way I see it, unless I take that picture.

I’m not cured.  I’m still on guard. But I’m getting there.

I know that my view is special because it is mine.

I know that not everyone will love my pictures as much as I do.

I know there are mean people out there.

I know that I’m fragile, but will build myself back stronger.

And with that I leave you with this image.  It represents a fear that I have had for quite a while….

…taking pictures in the grocery store.  Scary, I know, but I did it.  See, I’m getting stronger already!



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6 responses to “My Slice of Life

  1. What a beautiful and inspiring post. Love this!!!

  2. your raw honesty is beautiful. I followed the trail of breadcrumbs you left from your intro at Flickr Slice of Life. sometimes I do that, just wander around visiting blogs at night when I’m winding down before sleep. I’m happy I wandered in off the trail, it’s nice to meet you Morgen. your reference to the Universe intervening is a pretty darn positive outlook and it’s magical when that happens. I believe you were open to receive, so it found you and here you are in Slice of Life. I’ve registered for so many of these on-line classes, but I have to say this is the first one that held my interest past the first week. I actually wake up disappointed when there isn’t a lesson on that day. well, anyway, I look forward to sharing this class experience with you! take care now.

  3. Lisa

    I love seeing your view! It makes me feel close to you even though you are so far away. And it makes me take a closer look at some things in my life that I may have overlooked. And speaking as an art school grad- your photos are amazing- very well framed and holding lots of interest 🙂
    Love you

  4. you took photos before you had a baby right? perhaps you’re just rediscovering your love of photography?

  5. It’s always hard not to be affected by these unkind people who seem to acquire this sudden burst of ‘brevity’ to criticise others openly because they can hide behind the good old internet, a place where it’s so easy to be ‘brave’ like this, isn’t it? Don’t let go of your dream, keep doing what you love and those nay-sayers will pale into insignificance very quickly, trust me 🙂

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