It seemed like a good idea

Wednesday it rained all day long.  I guess Florida’s rainy season started late this year.  We usually spend the evening out on the beach soaking up what is left of the summer sun.  However, Mother Nature has had other ideas.  So yesterday we decided that even though the forecast called for more evening thunderstorms we were going to go to the beach anyway.

It started out slightly overcast.  Ben has discovered throwing the Frisbee and was having a grand time hitting himself and others in the head with it.  The clouds to the south of us looked kind of cool.  Then I looked behind us…

It was dark and it was 4 PM on the Florida coast.  We decided to stay on the beach to see what happened.  Sometimes the weather will swing south and miss us, or at least that was what I was hoping.

In a previous life I think I was a storm chaser.  I love watching the clouds roll in, the roll of thunder, the sound of the rain bouncing off of the roof/window/boogie board and I can’t forget the lightening!  The clouds were changing so fast.  Have you ever watched a weather radar and seen the green and red swirls move across the map. Well, this storm you could see that happening in the clouds.

And this is when the battery on my camera died *sigh*.  We stayed out on the beach watching the weather change and the clouds swirl around us.  When the wind picked up and the sprinkles turned to a steady rain we decided to head to the car.  We sat in the car and watched the rain for a while and then went home and made pizza on the grill in the rain.




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