My Assignment

For my 33rd birthday my husband, parents and in-laws gave me an online photography course.  I have been slowly, but steadily working at it.  Some of the assignments are a breeze, others I found very frustrating (I’m looking at you lighting).  This past assignment might have been my favorite so far, so I thought I would share it.

I was told to copy a favorite photograph.  Yes, copy.  It was a lesson in learning to recreate a feel or vision that you like, so that in the end you have the knowledge of how it is done and can use some of the same techniques in your own visions in the future.

The image I copied was one by Caitlin Worthington.

There is something about the image that makes me just stop and stare.  Love it.

My first obstacle was to find a model. The dog wouldn’t stay still.  My husband wouldn’t let me smear eye liner all over his face.  That just left the kids.  Sarah and Ethen were excited to help.

Next, the make up.  I first thought I could create the look with just eye liner and mascara.  I was wrong.  So I busted out the craft paint (being very careful not to get it in their eyes- I did that area with make up).  However it ended up being too shiny, so I rubbed some ashes from the fireplace over the paint and around the rest of their faces.

It must have been a sight.  The three of us in the back yard.  One posing and one holding the reflector for me, both with war paint on.   They had fun making silly faces.

In the end I’m happy with the picture that I ended up submitting.  It was this one of Sarah:

And since Ethen wanted a “good” picture too, not just a silly one, here is his final picture:

I passed this assignment and I’m going to be working on the next one soon (which is kind of boring compared to this one).  This has opened my eyes to the idea that pictures can be more than just capturing a moment or the day (which I love and try to do), but they can be art and more conceptual.  I know other people do it all the time, what I guess I’m trying to say is that I can do it too. Maybe we will have to play some more this summer.

Also, I learned that war paint is fun, but hard to remove from a wiggly 5 year old.

Don’t forget to vote for me in the Circle of Mums search for the top 25 mom photographers!  Oh, and you can vote everyday too!



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2 responses to “My Assignment

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  2. wonderful job. these photos are really intriguing and fun too.

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