Have you ever seen United States of Tara?  It is about a woman with DID.  It is one of my favorite shows on TV, I think mainly because I can identify with having a bunch of different people in your head.  I have a committee who resides in my head.  There are so many different types of people in up there who try and help me make the best choices for me.  Sometimes they get into arguments, sometimes I have to tell them to just be quiet (they can get very negative at times).

Now, I bet you are wondering why I’m telling you all this.  Well, recently my committee members have locked the photographer in me in a closet.  Or maybe she locked herself in a closet, I’m not sure.  All my desires to even look at my camera were locked deep down somewhere.  I would go through the motions.  Take my camera with me places, but nothing.  But this morning the photographer came out and played, for a little while.

Through the kitchen window I noticed that the giant bush just past our fence was in bloom.  I know that when it’s in bloom it becomes the place to be if you are a moth, bumble bee, bird, or butterfly.

This morning there were a lot of bumble bees.  Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

This bumble bee was being particularly photogenic.  Look at the bronze glow on his little rump.

This little guy was out and about too.  I think he lives on the bush, but just came over to see what I was doing.

I’m guessing my committee is set up to help me cope with stresses, deal with being overwhelmed, and learn to what choices make a happier healthy me.  There has been a lot going on lately.  Maybe this break was brought on by having to prioritize my life and the photography was too much of a distraction.  Maybe the photographer was chased away by fear.  Who knows, I’m just glad she came out today.




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2 responses to “Hello

  1. Wonderful photos! Don’t let the committee keep the photographer locked in a closet too often. Your pictures are amazing!

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