The Baby

I came home from work yesterday morning to all of my kids sitting on the front porch with a box.  They were all very excited and giddy for me to come and look in the box.

It’s face was dirty because the kids had provided him with dirt, a few sticks, and a leaf or two in the box.

It was so cute and little.

After playing with it for a little while more, the kids let it go in the woods so it could grow up to be a big turtle.  I was tempted to keep it though.



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3 responses to “The Baby

  1. Amy

    Perfect way to celebrate World Turtle Day!!!!
    Have you ever read the book Old Turtle to your kids? I don’t know if you can find it in the library or not. I think they would like it….

    • Was it World Turtle Day? Ha! That’s too funny! I’ve never read that book! I will have to check it out. I’m sure the library has it, they have everything- but after my last encounter with the kids at the library I will have to find a night to go alone 🙂

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