Today’s Picture

Today was Mother’s Day.  I slept in.  I was serenaded by Sarah while Ethen did the robot and Ben danced with a flashlight.  I received a backpack for our family adventures and new sweet smelling lotions and bath goodies that transport me to the tropics.  We went on a hike.  It was great, except for the “friends” we brought home, but I guess that is all part of nature.  Ethen had a soccer game.  He gave me the flowers above.  He showed me a new side of himself.  I got to take a long shower.  Jamie and I went on a date, dinner and a movie.  Today was the best Mother’s Day.  It had everything that I would want in a perfect day.  Thank you to my husband and my kids for making my Mother’s Day 2011 one to beat!


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  1. Lynn

    Awe, that is great ! ox

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