Fast Forward

I’m not sure what happened, but I think the fast forward button on my life is stuck.  The days just seem to go by faster and faster.  I really have no idea where this week went.  Maybe it’s because school is coming to an end in just over a month. Maybe it’s because the race that I have been looking forward to doing is in 2 weeks.  Then there is the travel coming up, all the kids extracurricular activities, and being busy listing things on Etsy with my mom.

I get to the end of the day sometimes and just wonder what I did that day.  Was it worth my time?  Was it a” need to do” or a “have to do” or a “want to do”?  Hopefully it was a combination of all three.  Like finding time to be with the family.  I mean really spend time together.  I’d say that is an all 3 situation.  But most days it is hard to say if my time was well spent in that regard.  As a mom I wonder that a lot.  So, we’ve decided to start doing a weekly/biweekly hike in the woods, outdoor adventure of some sort.  Time together as a family, no distractions, except for nature, and a few snacks along the way.  And maybe on those days life will feel like it slows down, just for a little while.



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2 responses to “Fast Forward

  1. Amy

    Word, sister (haha). So much of life seems to be passing me by. I’m either chauffeuring Noah to one of his therapies or doctor appointments or Avery to a playgroup. I seem to be concentrating less and less on what I want to do and what God wants me to be doing, less on doing things as a family. I find myself hearing about other people’s needs and saying, “What can I do to help?” before remembering my own plate is already too full and one more “help” might knock it out of my hands! We need to get back to basics. That doesn’t mean to we have to be selfish, just back to priorities. Good luck to you and enjoy your family time!

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