Today’s Picture

The earth is waking up after a long cold winter.  This time of year is such a wonderful reminder of why we bought our house.  We sit with the doors and windows wide open and listen to the birds sing.  The trees are already shading the back yard.  There is a red fox that uses our front yard to get to where ever it is that it’s going.  And there are turtles. This is the second day that we have been visited by a turtle (I know it is really a tortious, but I will probably always call it a turtle) this week.  Last week we caught one trying to get into our garage.  Yesterday it was a big orange one.  Today this little black one.  Hoping tomorrow makes day 3.



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4 responses to “Today’s Picture

  1. I love turtles – great shot!!

  2. ArtsyMama

    Looks like a box turtle. How cool!! Sounds like spring is really in full swing there. It’s getting around to it here as well….finally! It’s been sunny and in the 60’s. Feels amazing after 6 months of winter. Love watching all the changes taking place. Take care!

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