Pictures from Yesterday and Today


A rare moment of sibling love.  Sarah wanted to read Ethen a book.  He was more than happy to let her, that is until the boys next door came out to play.  I guess light saber wars win.


Our neighbor has a lovely shady spot next to their house.  A sea of ferns and little wild violets grow there.  I see it every time I get into my car.  I grabbed my camera today when I discovered some of the wild violets have spread onto our not so lovely shady spot next to the house.  Maybe, given enough time, their ferns will spread too and our shady spot will be lovely too.



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3 responses to “Pictures from Yesterday and Today

  1. ArtsyMama

    Beautiful photos!!
    Hope you got a fun surprise in the mail too:)

  2. Amy

    I love the first picture (and, of course, the second one too!). Took a similar one here at our house (both of them reading on the couch, sitting next to each other, so quietly and nicely) and about 3 seconds after I snapped it, Mr Innocent (the 2 year old), smacked Mr I-Didn’t-Do-Anything (the 10 year old) upside the head with his book. *sigh* Motherhood…..

    As always, I love your photos!

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