Today’s Picture

It’s Monday.  The day I wake up at 4:15 am, drive to DC so that I can play in the floral equivalent to the Crayola 64 box of crayons.  Today’s flowers ended up being lavender and purple with deep red accents.  Very yummy.  I did end up getting a little something for me.  These gorgeous peonies! I had to have them.  I also had some lilac and some hyacinths left over too, so I made a little arrangement in my favorite vase.  It’s handmade.  I tend to think that it is a portrait of me, even though we bought it at a flea market.  I love that her head is bursting with bright, happy, colorful, creative goodness.


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One response to “Today’s Picture

  1. Amy

    I do love it when you share your photos of your playground!! Thank you for making my day!!!! SO pretty!

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