The Pepper

I bought a red pepper, just to take pictures of it.  The crisp red and green just grabbed me.  I had to bring it home.

I guess the good thing is that my daughter has now figured out that she likes eating red pepper raw.  Can you blame her.  I just want to bite it like an apple… yumm.


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One response to “The Pepper

  1. Amy

    Too funny… I was slicing one for a quiche and Avery started flipping out on me, “Bapple! Bapple!” I told him it wasn’t an apple, but a red pepper, then I gave him a little slice, he put it in his mouth, mulled on the flavor for a few seconds, spit it back out, looked at me like I’d been trying to get one over on him and said, “NOT BAPPLE!” Hey, I warned him!

    I always love your pictures!

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