We have driven past this abandoned hotel and playground several times.  I’m not sure many people notice it.  For starters it is across the highway from a pretty big highway attraction and well, it really isn’t many peoples idea of pretty.  But I’ve noticed it every time we’ve driven by.  Every time thinking that we have to stop one day and capture it’s beauty before it’s gone.

This weekend I had the chance to explore the hotel and playground (that will be a separate post) and snap a few…ok, a bunch of pictures.

I wonder about all the people who have passed through this hotel.  Were they were going, if it was for a vacation or business? Thinking about excited kids playing in the pool and on the playground.  Weary parents glad to be out of the car.  Were they drawn in by cheap rates, did they always stop there? Were the people who worked here friendly? Just imagine the stories that this hotel was part of.  Every single person who slept in these rooms had a reason they were here.  But the stories don’t end with the hotel closing.  Stories of the people who have lent their poetic and visual arts talents to help decorate the deteriorating walls.  What are their stories? Or people like me who are drawn to it and have to capture it.

I could have spent quite of bit of time exploring and clicking.  My amazingly understanding husband and my surprisingly patient boys were sitting in the car waiting for me.  I took enough time to quench my curiosity. Maybe on another trip by we will stop and visit again.



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5 responses to “Abandoned

  1. Amy

    Okay, I admit, I’m one of the ones who would have either “tsk’d tsk’d” at the run-downedness and unsightliness of this place, or not given it a second glance. I love your introspection, thank you for giving me a difference perspective and for giving this place new life through your pictures! You’ve done this place justice, through both your thoughts and your photos.

  2. Lynn

    Always amazed by your insight and talent! ox

  3. Darlene

    I love abandoned places – wish I could have explored it with you

  4. Kelly

    These pictures are so fascinating – what a great job you have done!! I am from NC & am curious – where is this old motel?

  5. oh wow… you have captured this all perfectly…

    wonderful…so many stories for sure.

    thanks for sharing at SS……xxo, kim

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