Number 35…check!

Number 35 on my life list is done.  Last week my husband and I went parasailing when we were in Ft. Myers, FL.  We were only there over night and decided to make the best of it.

(photo taken by the nice lady who hooked us up to the rigging)

We had a nice view of Ft. Myers from the end of 1200 ft of rope above the Gulf of Mexico.  I took a waterproof camera up with us, but haven’t gotten the film developed yet.  It was a lot of fun and quite relaxing.  I highly recommend it.  Not scary at all (I had a small moment of panic right before we went up).  The boat ride was bumpier and more nerve-racking than the time parasailing.

So, number 35…check!



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3 responses to “Number 35…check!

  1. Lynn

    So happy for you! This is what life is all about! ox

  2. ArtsyMama

    Wow, what an amazing picture!!! Glad to hear it was fun:)

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