What I did today

This spring has been slow to kick into gear.  It has been cold, rainy, or windy.  My poor tulip magnolia blossoms are all turning brown from the freezing temperatures at night.  My camera is in mourning.  It wants to go out and play in the warm sun, but since we haven’t had any it has been stuck inside.

Today, to scratch that creative itch I repurposed a bag with help from my 5 year old.  Well, I worked on the bag and he threw paper airplanes at me while I did it.

I started with a half bushel fruit bag, some left over fabric from another project, and the handle of my son’s ripped bag.  After a bit of fumbling, several pin pricks and yelling at the sewing machine only once I ended up with this…

It will be perfect for sand toys when we go to the beach.  The sand will sift right through.  The strap is adjustable so it will fit on wither the kids or one of the adults, something Ethen really loved about the bag.  It could be used at the farmers market too.  Or the pool.  Oh, the possibilities.

So, that’s what I did on this cold rainy day.  Maybe tomorrow I will take my camera out to play.  There is that carnival in town…


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