Now and Then

For 448 days I have posted a picture that inspires me on the blog I share with my mom, Inspired Points of View.  I like to think of it as a 365 day project, but I’ll be honest and say that not all of my pictures are taken on the day they are posted.  Life gets in the way some times.  I try really hard to take my pictures each day, but I’m human.  I sometimes know what I want to capture, sometimes it catches me off guard or hits me when I walk past on the way to the kitchen (that’s what happened today).

Today, I thought it would be fun to compare pictures that I took today with pictures I took last year at this time.  Thinking to myself about how much I have improved over the past year.  But after looking back, I’m realizing it isn’t the quality that has improved so much, it’s the quantity of quality pictures that has improved.  If that makes sense.

I took this one year ago today.  Not the most fantabulous picture ever, but I really like it.  I must say though my taste in processing has improved.  I was addicted to heavy vignetting.  A beautiful processing tool, but I just used it way too much!  If you’re curious what the original processing of this picture looked like click here.  I’m glad that I’m starting to find more of my own creative voice when I take and process pictures.  And I can see that creative voice in pictures from last year.  I just didn’t recognize it then.

I’m glad I have the collection of pictures I have taken over the past 448 days. I’m amazed how just 1 picture can bring back an entire day, feeling or mood.  It has been a great record of my life and a resource I turn to often to remember when certain events happened. And now I’m realizing it’s helping me feel more confident in who I am as a photographer.


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