Day 4

Today is Monday.  Today is the day that I go to the walk in “crayon box” (floral wholesaler) and pick out the flowers I want to use for my weekly flower order.  I decided on pinks and greens with a slight touch of periwinkle.   The periwinkle I chose was grape hyacinths, ~swoon~.

I thought about bringing some home to enjoy and photograph, but the very first thought I had was “but all my pictures this week are in black and white, what’s the point?”.  In the end I did bring some home and I’m so glad I did!

I was experimenting with dark and light backgrounds and love the way they turned out.  Plus, now I have sweet little grape hyacinths in my kitchen window to enjoy.

On another bright note, the forsythia in our yard is starting to bloom, a lot of flowering trees have buds that look like they are going to pop soon, and this Friday says it is supposed to be 75 degrees!  I can’t wait to turn off the heat!



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3 responses to “Day 4

  1. Amy

    I can still the color variations. I’ll admit to liking the color photos of your flowers better (I’d love to stroll through a flower crayon box!), but I can still see the color variations and appreciate the differences in the black and whites you took. I love grape hyacinths!
    75 on Friday??? So glad we’ll be back to enjoy it! YIPPPEEEEEEE! I’m excited to see the flowers and tree buds popping when we return home.

  2. Lynn

    Awesome…. I love looking at life through your photos !! ox

  3. Darlene

    Love these shots!!

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