Day 1

Day 1, I switched my trusty camera into black and white mode.  After playing around I figured out that I like to underexpose my pictures, so the camera spent the rest of the day in manual mode.  I’m comfortable in manual, just not very quick switching the settings.

I was tempted to switch back to color while taking the pictures of the sunflowers. There is just something about that bright yellow that speaks to my soul.  I’m proud to say that I was strong.  I decided to focus on the shapes, the moments, the light and not let color get in the way or confuse things.  The black and white pictures I took today just feel more quiet.  Like a secret moment or memory captured while no one was looking.  That feeling speaks to me right now.  I need to not be distracted by all the colors, to do’s, errands, etc.  I need to look at the moment for what it is, a memory.  I will look back one day and wonder where it all went.  I want to remember the moments not so much the colors, if that makes sense.

Ben was sitting on my lap while I was shooting the flowers.  He kept nuzzling his face in the flowers.  I think he liked the way they tickled his skin.   This is the memory I captured today.




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4 responses to “Day 1

  1. Darlene

    I love these photos – great job!!!

  2. Amy

    What do you use for black and white? Digital or film? What kind of camera are you using?

    • I have a Canon Rebel T1i, I think. It is in another room and I’m being lazy, heehee. There is a setting on the camera for monochromatic and that is what I’m using. I might try black and white film this summer.

  3. Amy

    Just looked at ours. A lower version Canon Rebel, one of the originals. No monochromatic for us! I haven’t decided what I’m asking for for Christmas yet, though… mwahahahaha! 🙂

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