The New Girl

Today I took the day off.  No worrying about bills, no worrying about getting things done, just taking it easy.  So after I dropped off Ethen at preschool, the little guy and I went to the thrift store.

Meet the new girl.

I found her tucked on a shelf behind a bunch of more modern cameras.  I just had to bring her home.  Isn’t she sweet.

This little Kodak Instamatic 404 is my third vintage camera that I have bought over the years.  I guess I have a new collection.

Oh, and I found a heart again this morning. Maybe not in my breakfast, but a heart all the same.




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One response to “The New Girl

  1. Amy

    Love it! You inspire me. I’ve been getting so annoyed with my auto SLR lately, trying to take “catchy” looking photos for my blog and just to have. I’ve been playing with the manual mode, but I think I know what I’m asking for for Christmas this year…. 🙂

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