Take me to the river…

…drop me in the water.  Well, I didn’t get tossed in or fall in.  I left that up to my kids.  While standing on one of the docks in the marina, my middle son (5) talked my youngest (2) into trying to jump to another dock.  Lets just say he didn’t make it.  He’s ok, it was only about 18″ deep.

I was taking pictures of the chains on the dock not far away while all of this was happening.  I guess I need to be more selective when I take them on my photo safaris.

This was the last picture I took before the splash.  I’m glad I got it.  Wish I had been able to take more pictures, but am thankful that no one was seriously hurt.  I’ll have to go back down one day without the kids or put them on leashes and tether them to the shore.

Oh, the lessons we learn.


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