Tomato Soup

Ben has been a real pill lately.  His moods bounce around so quickly.  When he is happy he is just pure joy.  However when he is in a foul mood, watch out, no one is safe.

Today ended up being a “stay in your jammies” kind of day.  Not because they are comfortable.  He stayed in jammies because they have Spiderman on them.  He helped me make some tomato soup, and by help I mean cried at my feet while I chopped, blended and heated the soup.  Then something magic happened.  I let him try the soup.  He loved it.  So we sat on the couch and ate soup while watching Toy Story.  It was the longest he has been peaceful while being be awake in weeks.

He sat like this the whole time.  So sweet.

So I have come to the conclusion the tomato soup is magic.


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