2010 in 12 pictures…


My mom and I started our  365 picture project.


Snow, snow and more snow!


We got to meet some of our new neighbors.


Spring break at the Magic Kingdom.  The trip was a birthday present for 2 of our kids.


I was determined to make home made strawberry jam to keep in the freezer.  So off to the strawberry patch we went in search of the perfect strawberries.


Ethen finished his first t-ball season.


We spent the whole month at the beach.  It was fantastic.


So we stayed for another month!


School started and life went back to normal.  We also posed for our first ever family portrait.


It was a warm October, which made playing in leaves and trick-or-treating even better.


I found out that my snowmen were published in Art Doll Quarterly.  We also spent Thanksgiving back at the beach for the first time (but definitely not the last).


Spent the holidays with our entire family (grandmas, grandpas, aunts).  It was a great way to spend Christmas.


So that was way harder than I thought it would be.  My total picture count for the year was 10,048, which makes it very hard to pick 12 to sum up the year.  I chose to pick pictures that represented what we did as a family.  Maybe tomorrow I will come back and pick my favorite 12…ok, that will never happen.  I can’t even tell you my favorite color, let alone my favorite 12 pictures of the year.  I’m so indecisive.  I did find it interesting how my processing style has changed over the year (the first half of the year I was addicted to vignetting) and amazed at how much my style and technique has developed.  Anyway, it was a great year and I am looking forward to all the adventures 2011 holds!  Hope you have a very happy and safe New Year.  May your 2011 be filled with love, adventure and chocolate, hehehe.




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5 responses to “2010 in 12 pictures…

  1. Congratulations on completing your 365! The feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming! I love that you’ve seen growth in your technique and style…2011 will be wonderful!

  2. wow, it’s amazing that you took over 10 thousand photos this past year. my 365 project is barely 1/3 complete and I too see a real difference in my photos as time progresses.
    your top photo caught my eye in the thumbnail. it has a great vintage feel to it and great colors. The Magic Kingdom photo is adorable and I’m entranced by the light in the golden leaves/bare feet. your photos have a wonderful feel to them. I keep scrolling back to look at them yet again. very nice shots, all of them. Happy New Year to you and yours!

  3. As I was scrolling through your post it didn’t occur to me that you had completed your 365 project until I read Maegan’s comment. Congratulations! Like Miss Becky, I’m just 1/3 of the way through. You’ve taken some really great photos. The fact that you did the year with your mom is pretty amazing. I was just over there looking at the two of you in action. Beautiful, beautiful photos. What a great experience to share with each other. Happy New Year.

  4. These are a wonderful selection for 2010! Happy New Year!

  5. I love how you chose to wrap up a year. Love July’s beach shot with those chubbby legs down low. Very nice collection.

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