Some catching up to do…

I have been neglectful in keeping up with my Picture the Holiday photos.  So I thought I would post some of them because I know you are dying to see what I’ve been up to.

My list for the new year.  Things that I need to remember that are important in being me.

It’s a season of lights.  My husband was putting up some Christmas lights outside and I just loved the way they looked lying on the deck.  I had to get a picture.  So he hung lights and I was on my belly taking pictures.

Rest.  We spent about 3 hours at the beach.  Sometimes that is better than a nap.

A magic moment.  Ben was having a blast on Ethen’s new skate board.  Grandpa was pushing him back and forth on the deck.

A breath of fresh air.  Taken on Christmas during a walk.  It was nice getting out of the house, having some “me” time, and enjoying the fresh air.

Those are just a few of my pictures.  We head back home soon.  I’m really not looking forward to it.  I’m a beach person trapped in Northern Virginia.  One day though, I will call the beach home.

I’m also working on my goals for 2011.  I don’t like calling them resolutions.  That word just feels like a set up for disaster/failure.  I like to think of goals, ways that I can challenge my life in one way or another.  In 2009 I decided that I wanted to do something physically challenging and that would help others.  I ended up walking in the Breast Cancer 3 Day (3 days 60 miles).  In 2010 I wanted to build on the physical challenge and participate in the Warrior Dash.  I started running and working out regularly to get in shape for it.  Of course, the week before the event I herniated a disk in my back and couldn’t do it.  So, I’m going to carry that over into 2011.  This year I’m going to add something emotionally challenging.  I think emotionally is right, I can’t think of another word right now.  Here is my goal list so far:

  • Participate in the Warrior Dash
  • Apply for a local art show (eeeep… the idea of putting myself out there creatively is scarier than the Warrior Dash, eeeep….)

Ok, wow, now they are out there.  Eeep…. I think I need to go for  another “breath of fresh air” walk.  Maybe I will prink out lots of copies of my list picture and plaster them all over my house as a reminder (because, see I have already forgotten what it says).  There are other small goals in there right now, but these are the most important 2.  The other goals either tie in to these (like get running again, or eating less processed foods) or would be nice if I do them but aren’t really a big deal.

What do you plan on doing in 2011?


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  1. You should blog more often. Plus I like your pictures.

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