The art of housework

Today there was a pile of dishes in the sink.  Not just any pile of dishes.  It’s possible that EVERY dish was in that pile.  I didn’t want to wash them, but knew that if I didn’t I would have to be very creative in making and serving dinner tonight.

So, before I started I decided to play a little.  Thinking maybe if I could incorporate fun into the chore it would be less, well like a chore.  I call this one “Dishopolis”.  I created towers of dishes, pretending they were very fragile building blocks.

I call this one “Procrastination”, because that was exactly what I was doing.  I really hate doing dishes, but after my impromptu photo shoot I loaded them all into the dishwasher.

They are all clean now, except the ones used for dinner.

I’ll wash those tomorrow.





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3 responses to “The art of housework

  1. This post makes me all kinds of happy! You know I love finding the beauty in the messy, mundane, everyday details. Well done!

  2. Darlene

    Love that you took such incredible photos of dirty dishes!!! Great shots!!

    • Ha! I didn’t wan to wash them. I had put it off for so long, you have no idea! Those were taken with the hipstamatic camera on my iPhone. It is so much fun and I don’t have to wait for film to get processed 🙂

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