Art Doll

In my free time I create.  I create pieces altered art, dolls, paintings, etc.  Sometimes I get up the nerve to send the pieces I create to Somerset.  It wasn’t until I first read Somerset Studios a few years ago did I find a way to express and focus the creativity that bounces around in my head.  I knew this was me as soon as I first opened that magazine.

About 9 months ago I submitted 6 of my dolls to Somerset Art Doll Quarterly.  I haven’t heard anything.  I have been watching the mail for them to come back home.  Nothing. A few days ago I received a few magazines in the mail.  I didn’t look at them closely, I just added them to the “magazines to be read” pile in my kitchen.

Today I pulled one out that I thought was a catalogue.  I was just going to toss it, clean up some clutter. Mindlessly throwing away things I thought were junk.  Then, I noticed the “Congratulations” written across the paper covering the front of the magazine.  Turns out 2 of my dolls were published and they sent me a copy of the magazine.

That’s my name!  Those are my dolls!  WooHoo!

Too exciting 🙂 I just had to share!



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2 responses to “Art Doll

  1. Michelle Gish

    Congratulations, Morgen!! These are great!

  2. Darlene

    so excited that you are in the magazines I love!!!

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