An experiment

Last night the kids and I decided to experiment with light writing.  I think that’s what it is called.  I set the camera on a tripod on the front porch and the kids hunted down the only flashlight that I could think of, my son’s spiderman flashlight.  We each took turns drawing.

I was worried I was doing it wrong. Drawing slow and worrying that the flashlight wasn’t pointing the right way.  I worry too much.  I need to let go more.

Sarah was having fun making swirly paterns and writing her name.  I could tell that she was holding back.  I think I am rubbing off on her.

But I think Ethen had the most fun.  All of his pictures look like a giant firefly.  This one he calls “the waves”.

This will definitely be something we will do again. Next time we will have to set it up in the back yard, it will be darker there. And we will all be giant fireflies.


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