Did you know…

Did you know that there are 2 other places other than the beach that I would LOVE to call home.

Moab, UT

Kenya.  I lived in Liberia as a child.  I was surprised how I felt so much like I was home when we went to Kenya a few years ago.

Did you know that I…

…paint sometimes. And sew. And felt. And collage.  My husband says I am a crafting chameleon.

Did you know that I can…


…find 4 leaf clovers just by walking by one.  A talent I inherited from my Great Grandma Oom.  Now, I just need to get better at taking pictures of them.




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2 responses to “Did you know…

  1. Lynn

    Thanks for sharing….. love your creative mind!!!
    Please don’t move to Africa! oxox

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