A walk in the woods

One of the deciding factors for me when we bought our house was that it backed to a state park. There is a great path that winds along a stream that winds through the woods.. The kids love to sit and play in the water hunting tadpoles and throwing rocks. This week my back was finally feeling up for going for a walk.

We walked to a favorite spot along the path, next to the stream.  It is so quiet there under the trees, even with the giggles of kids, sploshes of rocks and the occasional scream from 2 brothers fighting.   The woods are full of hidden surprises.

That’s why I love going with my kids.  It isn’t about taking a walk through the woods.  It’s about stopping, enjoying, exploring and just living in that one moment.  We have seen some pretty cool things, that if we were just walking through we would have missed.

I am hoping that we will be able to get out there a few more times before the weather gets really cold.  The trail is really pretty in the snow, just a bit too muddy.



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  1. Darlene

    Love the path!!

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