A few videos

I’m still recovering from my back injury, yuck. So I thought I would share a few videos that make me happy. I hope you enjoy them too.


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  1. I have so many comments I want to leave! I am so behind on my blog reading…and you have SO many interesting posts. *sigh* Suffice to say for now that 1) You are amazing & quite creatively talented 2) you have a beautiful family 3) I really hope you get better soon. I ran a 5K through an injury recently (just a little foot cut) but it STILL hasn’t healed. I also have spondylolisthesis (yep, say that 5 times fast)…a back injury…which has reared it’s little head before events. Just remember there is always another 5K (or any fun challenge for that matter) right around the corner when you heal. 🙂

    p.s. If you want to add Indiana to your 50 states visited, let me know….

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