Five years ago, on an amazing day I married my best friend on a beach in Hawaii.  It was the perfect day.  We had both never been to Hawaii and we just chose a place, sight unseen.  When we arrived, the beach was covered with yellow butterflies.  We knew we had picked the right place.

(you can see a few of the butterflies in this picture)

We have had some amazing adventures.  We have been to some fantastic places. We have done things that I never thought I would have done.

(Here we are diving with sting rays, being chased by dinosaurs, on the Masai Mara, and hiking)

The greatest adventure we have had is raising our 3 kids (even though there are times we think we are raising a rare monkey/wildebeest hybrid).  He is an amazing father. I would be lost without him.

He is what keeps me sane after a long day.  He gets me, the real me.  He is everything I have ever wanted and everything I didn’t know I needed in a husband and best friend.  Even on the craziest day, when the kids are turning the house inside out, when work has been rough, and the world seems to be imploding, I know I would do it all again and I know it will all be all right.


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