Ben and the Strawberry Plant

This afternoon we had a nice, soft, gentle rain.  It was so lovely and refreshing, something that have needed for a while.  I love rain.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to go outside, take some pictures and enjoy the rain.  My boys decided to join me.  Really, what is more fun than running around barefoot with an umbrella in the rain?

This sweet little flower caught my eye.  The white and yellow accenting all the green, the fruit just starting to form, the textures, I love it.

I must have been too consumed with taking pictures of this little plant.  I must not have heard the calls of “Mommy” coming from my almost 2 year old. He must have felt left out somehow.

Well, he made sure he had my full attention.  My poor little strawberry plant, but I know it will spring back.  He thought it was all pretty funny until I turned the camera on him. Then he was off like a flash.

I’m glad I caught it all, capturing the full story.  Years from now, when I’m left with mostly photos as memories (I have little to no memory right now, I can’t possibly hope it will be better in the future) I will have the story of Ben and the strawberry plant.  I think that is so much more interesting of a story than just the strawberry plant.


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One response to “Ben and the Strawberry Plant

  1. Lynn

    Sounds like a childrens book to me ! OX

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