I have been having a hard time with my photography over the past few weeks. My pictures just feel like they are lacking something. Pictures of my kids come out blurry, the beautiful butterflies that are visiting our yard end up out of focus or gone before I get my settings right and the neighbors cat doesn’t like to model. My husband suggested starting from the beginning and taking a few pictures of things that don’t move. But I think the problem is in me. I need to work on me, my expectations and crazy thoughts.

I sat outside in the yard with Ben, he was playing with his car and I was playing with my camera.  In the grass in front of me was a heart on a stem.  I didn’t know we grew love in our yard.  I played with it for a while against the setting sun, making it glow bright.

Love, glowing so bright from our hearts.  We show love to everyone around us. People we know, strangers, neighborhood pets, even that crazy bug that was trying to get in the back door (I gently nudged him back out, he’ll be happier there).  But what about me.  Where’s my love.

This isn’t a new concept, showing you and your creative side some love, kindness and patience.  I have read it so many places and agree with it whenever I do read it.  However, it is completely different when you actually decide  to try it.  I am going to be patient with myself.  I am going to embrace and love my creative side.  And I am going to tell that negative little voice in my head to follow the Golden Rule or get out.


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  1. I love this post! I am a newbie and will be doing a 365 day project beginning on my 40th birthday (Oct.7th)……I will have to keep this in mind.

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