I learned a valuable lesson today.  Don’t wear a skirt to the playground if you plan on taking pictures.  It did force me to be creative in how I attempt to take pictures though.

I needed the trip to the playground today.  Ever since we got back from the beach I have been in a bit of a funk.  I felt like I left my creative drive at the beach.  Is there really anything worth taking pictures of here at home?  When I did try taking pictures they just didn’t feel right, the composition was off, their exposures were way off.  I just haven’t been right. I described it to Jamie yesterday as living in Pleasantville while it was still black and white. I felt like I left my color at the beach.

I had fun at the playground.  The kids had fun.  I decided to embrace my black and white world today.  I know my color, inspiration and drive is still here.  I just can’t force it.  I think I just need to play more.


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