How I got there…

Today I had every intention of keeping things simple and elegant.  I wanted to do orchids in bright colors with a minimal accent of leaves.  However, walking into the wholesaler this morning I knew my plans had to change.  There in the cooler were these …

… dark burgundy peonies (my favorite color of peony).  So, I knew that I had to use them! Maybe I will still just do orchids for most of the arrangements and then the peonies in the low piece.  Then I cam across these…

… the biggest lavender dahlias I have ever seen!  Gorgeous!  I knew that I had to use them too.  Ok, so lavender and burgundy, a good color combo to start with. Now, I needed something else lavender to fill in some space.  Lavender stock!

I also wanted something light in color that would act like a highlight.  I had noticed some cream astilbe when I first came in.  That would be perfect, light, airy, feathery.

Lastly, I wanted a leaf of some sort.  I looked around and didn’t really see anything that I liked.  I found some large green ti leaves in a box in the cooler and decided that they would be best.  You can get pretty creative with ti leaves.

And there you go…

I did use green cymbidium orchids…

… and purple dendrobium orchids…

…  along with a few flowers used in the arrangement above for the main office piece.

And that’s how I got there.

On a side note, I really need to start using my real camera to take these pictures.  My iPhone does the job, but my real camera would really be better.  Oh, well, next time 🙂


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