How I got there…

Today I headed out with the idea that I was going to be getting orchids.  Simple, elegant and colorful.  However, I only had to walk a few feet into the wholesaler’s cooler to completely forget about orchids.  Today I was seduced by sunflowers.

Red ones…

Then the blues of these two flowers struck me. The blue thistle, minus the bumble bee, would add great texture and shape.

And the blue salvia smells great (a mix of roses and mint was what it smelled like this morning) and would create a soft feel.

I wanted to add a few neutral tones.  I found some really beautiful Sahara roses with their rich warm beige color…

…and some creamy ivory hydrangea.

I added in some burnt siena miniature calla lilies to bring in more of the red orange color of the sunflowers.

And to finish it off I added some more texture with fuzzy millet.  It was just so soft and added so much movement I had to use it.

The end result I think looks like a hot day in August.

Oops I forgot.. I had used solidago too, like little hints of sunshine!

And that’s how I got there!


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  1. Darlene

    This post and photos are awesome!!!

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