How I got there

Every Monday is flower day for me.  It is the day that I pick up and design flowers for my job.  I have been a floral designer for over 10 years now (wow, it doesn’t seem like that long).  Each Monday I wake up at 4:15 am, drive into DC, hand pick the flowers I want to use that week, design them and then deliver them to the office.  I am usually home by 8:15 am.  I thought I would take you on a step by step journey through my thought process while at the wholesale market.

This week I was inspired by the pink peonies!  I love the way they look right before they open, little balls just waiting to burst open and show you their true beauty.

Next I found some spiraea.  The color of it complimented the pink in the peony perfectly, a light lavender almost mauve color.  The texture was also great, adding a lacy delicate feel.

I went for the roses next.  I was in luck, one of my favorite ivory roses was there, the Blizzard rose.  It is so creamy and just plain yummy.  Oh, and next to the Blizzards was Cool Water, it smells great and the color of it played well with the pinks and lavender colors I already had going.

Ok, so now I have a dark pink, a lavender, and cream.  I next decided that I needed to add in a lighter pink to bridge the dark pink and ivory.  Oh, and did I ever find a light pink.  Dutch Hydrangea!  It is gorgeous!  The heads are so big and fluffy.  I just want  a pillow made out of the stuff!

Then I spotted the dark purple calla lilies and the lavender tulips.  I decided that they would make a great accent, adding both a strong color and a new texture.

Now I was just looking for a few finishing touches, a little filler and maybe something green to help pop the arrangement.  This time of year I love using hosta leaves and have been known to go out and cut hosta leaves from my own garden.  I used those last week though, so I decided to go with Green Goddess calla lilies for my green and white stock (it smells like cloves) for my filler.

And voila….

And that is how I got  there.


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