Turning 33

This is the year that I turned 33.

This is the year that I had a hard time aging.

This is the year that made me stop and think “what am I doing with my life?”

I have a great life. I have an amazing, supportive, patient and loving husband and 3 great kids.  Sarah is the oldest and the diva of the family.  She loves everything girl and even though she is only 9, she acts like she is 16.  Sarah is very smart and creative.  Ethen is pure energy.  He is always going and into something.  He is very curious and very imaginative.  Ben, the youngest, is all boy.  Not much gets in his way, earning the nickname Baby Godzilla.

I am the owner of my own little flower shop.  Of course the reality of it is that I do flowers in my kitchen once a week for an office in Washington, DC.  I love doing it.  The colors, the smells, the textures, the shapes are all so amazing.  The first time I walked into our wholesalers cooler I thought I had just walked into a crayon box, just a little colder.  I honestly had no idea that nature came in so many colors.

I am also quite crafty.  I’m not sure I really like the word crafty, but it does seem to apply to me quite well.  I can come up with come pretty creative solutions on the fly.  I guess if I had to choose between artsy and crafty I would choose crafty.  It just feels more like me.  Even though I do art and consider myself an artist, I am far from artsy.

This year my mom and I decided to start a photography blog.  We each post a picture of something that we have found to be inspiring, beautiful or something that just causes us to stop and take notice.  I have really enjoyed this daily expression of creativity.  My soul needs this every day in order to feel normal.  For my birthday my amazing husband and my family got me a photography class.  It has been something that I have wanted to do for a while now.  I always have strived to take better pictures, improve my skills.  For a long time I would blame the camera, but I knew who was really to blame.  In high school and college I didn’t know it was an option to take photography classes.  I was on the biology path, headed off to be a veterinarian (that never happened and I am very happy with that choice).  So the idea of taking photography classes never occurred to me.  I am so excited to take the class, to learn all the little details about a camera that will help me get those great shots without the help of Photoshop.

My mind has been buzzing with the creative possibilities.  Taking better pictures and capturing moments.  Maybe others would like my moments too.  Maybe I could work as a freelance photographer, maybe some one would pay me to do something I already enjoy doing.  How cool would that be?  But I am getting ahead of myself.  First I have to make it through the first photography class.  It takes me longer since I am usually interrupted with a “mom” of some sort.  I am determined to get through it.  I will be a better photographer.

As for the question of what I am doing with my life, so far the only answer I have come up with is living it.  Trying to do my best to do the things that drive my inner creative side, be the best mom that I can and always let my husband know how much I appreciate his unwavering faith in me and my creative side.

Thank you to the Flickr 33 – Thirty Three group for the use of the photos.


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