Simplistic Beauty

Stunning.  Simple.  Natural.  With pockets! The jewelry is perfect. The layers of pearls create a  casual feel with a touch of  classic elegance.  So, this is where I started.  If this was my wedding dress, what would my wedding end up looking like?  What would the details be?

Lets start with the invitation…

A tree with birds.  It says family, love, spreading wings yet setting roots.  And it is so simple and beautiful.  The acid yellow color is to die for.  So lets build on that.

Lets follow the grey color of the tree and bring it into the bridesmaids dresses…

For a fun touch of color, a thin yellow ribbon belt could be tied around the waist….

Next flowers! Building on the tree theme, I like the idea of birch…..

Birch containers brimming with whites and ivories would be lovely.  Accents of the yellow ribbon could be added to cascade down the side of the container.  Winter berry, lisianthus, cattalaya orchids, roses, dusty miller and ranunculus make up this stunning arrangement from Old Town Florist.

Cattalaya orchids for the bride….

Simple and elegant.  So beautiful!

The bridesmaids could have more color…

The accents of dusty miller are fantastic, especially for the color of the bridesmaids dresses.  What a beautiful combination of flowers.

For the place cards…

The cake, from Martha Stewart….

I may put a few less birds on it.  I love how natural it looks.  The cake stand is great!


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  1. love this I checked it out early this morning.

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